How to Slay the Neon Wave

You deserve to be seen, and for the first time in history, it's okay to be loud. This is what the neon wave is all about. To be honest we're not even sure this is a trend or a fad. We're actually certain that the neon colour palette is here to stay.

So take advantage, and be one of those girls who transformed fashion. Be that girl who helped usher in a new era of shameless self-expression.

Here are three ways you can absolutely slay the neon look.

1. Just Wear the Colors

You don't need to change up your entire style to wear neon.

It's not a colour reserved for any specific type of person. Whether you wear street style or preppy clothes, neon is an option for you.

So stay true to your look, but feel absolutely free to add these new colours to your look. Just wear the dang colour and see how it makes you feel. In 2019 there's no good reason to blend in!

2. The Tribe and True Bodysuit and Shorts

This may be the hottest outfit of the summer, and for good reason! It's light, comfortable, and so versatile.

This is something you can wear to a pool party, to brunch, to the club, to the next music festival, or to get your next bag of groceries.

Did we mention its light and comfortable?! Try it out and thank us later, girl!

3. Add a Splash of Neon

Even though it's now okay to be loud, it will always be cool to do it in a subtle way every now and then.

Add a neon belt, bag, shoes, or nail polish to any look, and see how it makes you feel. 

However you rock the look, you're going to slay. Neon is the new black, and it's not going away any time soon. It's okay to stand out, so stand out!